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Test Summary Report + Template

In this article I’ll discuss the first step for ensuring of transparency between testing department and customer.
It is best to build the relationship in such a way that the customer sees what is happening and what he pays money for. Over time, if our relationship is transparent and we continue working with this person, this relationship is improving. This person begins trusting more and more.

Rule: Quality work + Full transparency of what is happening in the sum gives us confidence of the customer.

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How to create a good bug report

example of bug report

The template of the bug report depends on the bug tracking system you use. Usually the bug report should contain the following fields:

  • unique identifier
  • build version
  • summary
  • description
  • step to reproduction
  • reproduction (always, sometimes)
  • severity
  • priority
  • symptom

As soon as a bug has been found, it must be reported because you can forget about the bug. Do not prepare the report on a paper (you can lose it) and log the report to the bug tracking system. These are simple rules but many testers neglect them and many bugs have been left unfixed.

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