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Robolectric: An Introduction

Robolectric is a unit test framework that de-fangs the Android SDK jar so you can test-drive the development of your Android app. Tests run inside the JVM on your workstation in seconds.

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Robotium: An Introduction

What is Robotium?

Robotium Framework

Robotium is a test framework for automated testing of Android applications by black box method. Robotium allows you to create scripts for functional, system and acceptance testing.

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Peculiarities of mobile applications testing

Mobile applications are appreciably different from PC applications. There are constructive features of mobile devices and diversity of mobile platforms. Everything listed above is important for testing. In this article I’ll tell you about a few points you should pay attention to. Some of them I found in UTC for Android application and you can also discover many useful things there.

Firstly, we usually test installation of an application. The application can be installed on phone memory and on memory card if the device supports such cards. The application should be installed correctly on all appropriate devices and we have to check that the application should not be installed on unsuitable devices (unsuitable OS). If you have tested the installation, check surely the uninstall, too. The application should be removed completely from phone memory and memory cards.

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