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Scripted testing vs. Exploratory testing

scripted testing vs. exploratory testing

In this post, I will attempt to compare Scripted and Exploratory styles of software testing. On the third hand, scripted testing is seemed as a strict and serious process and exploratory one is seemed free and easy. But each test style has own swings and roundabouts. Let’s look at them from different points and try defining appropriate conditions to use first one and second one.

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Testing of the installation

1. We get a list of files from the installation package builder. We need to get a list of files before, and the file list checking is performed after the installation. We can also hear the phrase: “Make a list after the installation, everything is true there” – this is a provocation! Do not give in!

Another point: the same installation package can install different file sets under different operating systems, i.e., we perform testing for each operating system separately.

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Usability testing methods. Focus groups, Heuristic evaluation, Feature inspection

In my previous article I told you about such usability testing methods as Self-reporting logs and Thinking aloud protocol. The last most popular methods are Focus groups, Heuristic evaluation and Feature inspection. Let’s consider them.

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