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In my previous article I told you about such usability testing methods as Surveys, Questionnaires and Pluralistic walkthroughs. This time, let’s talk about Self-reporting logs and Thinking aloud protocol.

Self-Reporting Logs

self-reporting logs
Self-report logs are forms of “pencil-paper” type, in which users fix all actions and thoughts about interaction with application. This method is economical enough as experts are involved only in handling of results, without supervising action of the user in runtime of jobs.

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Comments on: "Usability testing methods. Self-reporting logs and Thinking aloud protocol." (4)

  1. Hi Tataina ,nice article …keep posting more articles on testing ,i like to learn from your site…

    • Tatiana Pobylovskaya said:

      Thanks, kotla!
      It’s pleasant to be useful for you 🙂

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