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In my previous article, I told you about such usability testing methods as Contextual inquiry, Checklists, Prototyping. This time, let’s talk about Surveys, Questionnaires and Pluralistic walkthroughs.


Survey is a special interview with the users, where they are given specially prepared questions, and their responses are recorded for further processing. The traditional reviews methodology may also play an important role in the study of application. Questions included in this review may vary depending on the purpose of the study, but are generally grouped into the following categories:

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Comments on: "Usability testing methods. Continuation" (10)

  1. Hi guys.

    First thing is this is very important question because this is first step of walk in interview. i really like it. i hope your voyage will be very successful.

    All your comment for sharepoint development are welcome.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tatiana Pobylovskaya said:

      Hello, Aegis Sharepoint Development.
      I’m agree with you in sense of the importance of this question. And thanks for your wishes 🙂

  2. Hi, nice explanation Tatiana ,, can you tell me ,what will be the impact on quality when usability is followed or not ,,,

    • Tatiana Pobylovskaya said:

      Hi, kotla. Thank you for the comment.
      Usability is one of the important component of product quality. If you follow it, you’ll get a product which gives effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction to your users and is quite competitive for the overflowed by products with similar functionality software market. For more details look at my first article.

  3. Thank you for your treatment of this wonderful subject.

    • Tatiana Pobylovskaya said:

      Hello, Interview Assessment Form.
      Thank you for the comment. It is pleasant to know that I have like-minded person 🙂

  4. kotla said:

    Hi Tatiana ,, can you tell me what are the important things to check for usability for applications like B2B and B2C ?what is the role for usability as far as these two [B2B & B2C] applications concerned?

    • Tatiana Pobylovskaya said:

      Hi, kotla.
      I think this subject is wide area for research and should be considered in a separate article.

  5. Hi Tatiana,,, thank’s for the reply ,,,if you provide more info on B2B and B2C applications,,then we can understand the total usage of usability and it help us a lot….

    • Tatiana Pobylovskaya said:

      Hello, kotla.
      I’ll try to consider this subject in one of my future articles.

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