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To be or not to be the automated testing? This is a question that can be answered in most cases very difficultly. It requires an individual approach.

So, in this article, I will try to uncover all the problems of this issue.

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Comments on: "Automated Testing: To Be Or Not To Be" (6)

  1. Sergey said:

    Well, if there is a way to shift the routine cycles to a robot or an automated system, that should be done. No doubts, some of test cases (scenarios) could be completed and verified automatically. For that, however, one needs to implement an automated tester (Automated Tester Machine) and then test its abilities properly.

  2. PondScum said:

    Sure, just delete comments you don’t like.

    English may not be your first language, but if you are going to write an article in English, then learn some grammar and get someone who speaks English to proofread it. The grammar in this article is so bad it makes my head hurt.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Vadim, good start to what may become a lively discussion. Do your armor, for the flame war will surely follow.

    Part of the problem with automation is that the testers aren’t driving the need, nor the solution. Managers often attend conferences where they are exposed to all different types of ‘snke oil’ salsemen. The managers are then ‘sold’ on the latest iteration of ‘product X’ which will solve all of their testing problems. They then buy the product and attempt to ‘shoehorn’ the new tool/methodology into the existing lifecycle without really inderstanding the core problems.

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