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Comments on: "Poll:Testing is dead?" (10)

  1. Matt Lawrence said:

    How can testing ever die, it just goes through iterations of formality with companies?

  2. Natalya Bosatskaya said:

    Some time ago I read a post by Mike Gualtieri.
    In my opinion, QA specialists must promote the profession more actively in order to avoid such statements about our work.

  3. Anonymous said:

    Testing Never Die

  4. Testing never die, I think is wrowing and changing every day with the new technologies. It’s changing and getting more specialised. There’s a lot of market where Testing can start to be applied. I believe that the problem is that we are testing as the same way as the beggining and this must change. We need to innovate and find new ways to ensure the quality for all the products according to the technologies

  5. Anonymous said:

    Ask yourselves, what would the application you most recently worked on have looked, felt and performed like had no one ever tested the product before it shipped? I suspect the software wouldn’t last more than a week or two in the market place before having to be recalled due to extreme customer dissatisfaction… I do not see a time in the near future where one can say that “Testing is Dead”. It is said in some circles that manual testing will be replaced by automation tests… If one considers that fact that automation tests find a minority of the bugs then it becomes clear that manual testing isn’t going away anytime soon.

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