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In this article I’ll discuss the first step for ensuring of transparency between testing department and customer.
It is best to build the relationship in such a way that the customer sees what is happening and what he pays money for. Over time, if our relationship is transparent and we continue working with this person, this relationship is improving. This person begins trusting more and more.

Rule: Quality work + Full transparency of what is happening in the sum gives us confidence of the customer.

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Comments on: "Test Summary Report + Template" (10)

  1. Anonymous said:

    what about risks? unresolved risks also be part of test summary

  2. Svetlana Kislaya said:

    Generally, it depends of the situation and what information your customer wants to own. But in general, I agree with you, thank you for comment.

  3. Mario A Cianci said:

    excelen material but I didnt see the test specification and how the test procedure is performed

    • Svetlana Kislaya said:

      I believe that the test specification should not be included in the Test Summary Report. The test specification is a separate document.
      Test procedure specification: A document specifying a sequence of actions for the execution of a test. Also known as test script or manual test script. [After IEEE 829].

  4. Anonymous said:

    How do you write detail summary report for Agile Method

    • Svetlana Kislaya said:

      I don’t have enough experience at Agile. So i can’t help you in this problem

  5. Anonymous said:

    Very well & to the point explained – Keep it up.

    Few points could improve report such as –

    – Include major unresolved defects that could impact client / management.
    – Add possible recommendation to improve Software.
    – Based on testing outcome, state whether current software quality meets defined software quality or not – If not – Which defects/bugs must be resolved & what needs to be done in order to meet defined quality standards. This point will impress management & client.

  6. Anonymous said:

    what about the Known issues.

    • Svetlana Kislaya said:

      The Known issues should be described in Corrective Action Plan (CAP) section.

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