Software Testing, QA

1. Tests should always have a priority. The priority of test is defined by importance of the feature and probability of error emergence (which is determined empirically, on the basis of communication with developers, functional changes etc.)
2. You should always document the priority of functionalities, coordinate it with PMs and analysts. You don’t need to spend much time on features that nobody uses.
3. If there are tasks with different priority levels, you should always check the task with a higher priority (if it is possible, and if tasks are independent).

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Comments on: "8 Tips For Effective Testing" (2)

  1. Great write-up! Testing is the often overlooked piece of development – especially for non technical clients. Prioritizing testing almost gives you a background/security for when things go wrong and more importantly – WHY they were overlooked

  2. Hi svetlana ,good explanation about priority for tests , can you explain me ,how you differentiate priority and severity with examples ?

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