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Equivalence class testing

Equivalence class

Equivalence Classes is the input (and sometimes output) data which are processed by the same application or their processing leads to the same results.
Equivalence Class Testing is a technique for test design which can reduce the amount of your test cases.
It can be used at all testing levels – unit, integration, system, and system-integration test levels.

To ensure the correct program behavior under different input data, you should ideally test all possible values for each element of this data (as well all possible combinations of input parameters).

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Usability testing methods

In my previous article I told you about Card sorting. Let’s continue considering usability testing methods.

Contextual Inquiry

Contextual inquiry – a method of structured interviews, which differs from the ordinary, such as journalistic interview, because it has always been built on three basic principles:

  • accounting for context in which the studied application is used.
  • joint evaluation of the application by the user and the developer.
  • focus of evaluation of the application is precisely on its user-friendliness.

Contextual inquiry is one of the alternatives of benchmark testing method, in which comfort is evaluated in the laboratory, not in a familiar user working environment. In the contextual inquiry job, time, motivation, and social factors that affect the user, are the same as in the real world, in contrast to laboratory studies where these factors are controlled by the experimenter.

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Poll:Testing is dead?

Automation of Flex applications

This article deals with the following automation tools for Flex applications:

  1. Flex Pilot

  2. Selenium Flex API

  3. Selenium WebDriver + Selenium IDE/FlexMonkium

We’ll also discuss the use of one of them on example of the Flex application shown at the picture below.

Application ExampleMeanwhile, let’s pick the best tool of the above to automate the testing of our application

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